Why Choose Lloyd Music Studios?

Because your child matters, and every lesson is individually designed for them

I firmly believe no child learns exactly the same, and that there is no one size fits all approach to piano lessons. Therefore, I specifically design each lesson according to your child’s learning style and level. While each student will learn the basics, technique, and fundamentals of piano and music, I utilize different method books and supplemental materials to provide the absolute best personalized learning experience and help each student attain his or her personal best. I believe that if your child loves music and enjoys their lessons, they will desire to practice and thus progress will not only be made but that child will gain confidence, self esteem, and continue their pursuit of music through their lives. (Not to mention, there will be no haggling on your part to make practice happen!)

Tuition and Available Classes

Please click here to see available classes and email me at robin@lloydmusicstudios.com or use the contact form below for tuition rates